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A website is your company's encyclopedia about itself, the sun in the solar system. Planets are a sun's satellites. Today, a website only exists with its surrounding satellites of social media, Email campaigns, blogs, and cost-per-click ads. 

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"Another arrow in the quiver" of online marketing is Formatted (html) Emails. These provide direct access to your already interested or faithful customers, and allows you the opportunity to interact directly with them. A perfect vehicle for promotions and newsletters. This "arrow" must align with your website and social artillery. Take a look at these examples:




Founded in 1986 by Steve Sas Schwartz and Thomas Keiji Agawa, SKATE N.Y.C. was an iconic New York City skate shop through the 1980's and 90s that became home to many legendary NYC skateboarders, including Harold Hunter and HUF-founder Keith Hufnagel, both born and raised skateboarding in the streets of the city.

A staple to the community, SKATE N.Y.C. helped foster an entire generation of street skateboarding by offering locals a headquarters at which to meet up, hang out, and then head out to session the curbs in front of the shop or Tompkins Sq. Park across the street.

The founding artists considered SKATE N.Y.C. a conceptual art project, a way to unify community, their love of skateboarding, art, and business. Part of SKATE N.Y.C.'s groundbreaking story is being the first skateboard shop to merge fine art and skate retail.


Below are pages from an oversized zine about the history of the shop, produced in collaboration with the skateboard company HUF.




Below are examples of some of the art that hung in the SKATE N.Y.C. shop through the years. These are large scale pen & ink drawings, like underground comics scaled to gargantuan proportions.




This fall 2016, the legendary skateboard company HUF and SKATE N.Y.C. have teamed up on a limited edition collaboration. Paying homage to an era by encapsulating the spirit of NYC skate culture of the 80s and 90s, the HUF X SKATE NYC collection features classic SKATE N.Y.C. graphic artwork consisting of fleece, long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees, hats, socks and also includes old-school skateboard deck shapes, deck rails, and co-branded Spitfire wheels.


SKATE N.Y.C.: Apple Juice 

Skateboard documentary about the legendary skate shop SKATE N.Y.C. and its scene. ©1990. Narrated by Steve Sas Schwartz. Directed by John Bruce.

SKATE N.Y.C. riders in full effect

SKATE NYC 1988-1989 In order of appearance: Luis Rodriguez, Cosmo Riley, Jamal Simmons, Harold Hunter, Hamilton Harris, Ryan Hickey, Steven Cales, Harold Hunter.



Branding, logo and graphics for groundbreaking organic streetwear company Global Ghetto.




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The SEO approach we offer covers an array of services aimed at optimizing a website for maximum visibility on search engines. Our services include Site Consultation, Landing Page Consultation, Keyword Research, Content Writing, Slogan Writing, Interpretation and Implementation of Google Analytics, Blogging, Adwords Writing and Maintenance, Meta Data Modification, as well as Social Media Policy Development, Formatted Email Consultation, and Content Creation –- some of the many ways Moleculemedia goes beyond traditional SEO.

We are experts at SEO, & guarantee our blogs, PPC (pay-per-click ads), copy and hashtags will harmonize perfectly with one another. Your companywide get noticed. Benefits include increased engagement, improved search engine rankings, more sales.




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We brand our clients' social media pages to align with their websites, and create tailored posting policies for all relevant platforms. We harness the muscle of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to enhance your profile, and bottom line.

We script posts and pair images / videos, target demographics, increase likes and followers, and ultimately monetize your social media footprint. Take a look at these growing Facebook pages we manage: Alkemie, Beads and Basil, Vivica Schwartz Yoga + Ayurveda. PDNafrica




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Moleculemedia makes robust E-tail shops for a broad range of products and services, including non-profits. Take a look at these thriving examples: Viveka Essential OilsChristian Foundation Of The West, Topanga Candles


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We develop logos for a wide spectrum of businesses that include skateboard companies, yoga studios, fashion houses, clubs, bands, and more. Click On These To Look Closer:


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We blog for a variety of companies. Blogging is one of the most important components of an effective SEO campaign, and an important way to engage and build your audience.

We also write copy for sites, which can include mission statements, slogans, bios, and general content. Here are  examples The A SpecialistThe Old Place CornellLucque Limited Edition Handbags, Sasart.

Below are two writing samples, the first a description about the designer handbag co. Lucque, the second a blog post about the fine art scene.


Variations On A Bag


lucque is a collection of limited edition handbags for the connoisseur looking for unique, designer bags that no one else owns. lucque works as an atelier, and offers a very limited release of each style.  

This art house approach to the world of handbag design makes you feel as if you’ve commissioned a piece directly from an accomplished artist. It enhances your individuality. The materials and applications are thoughtfully curated for each bag. Once the handbag is created – like art – there won’t be another.

lucque bags are as individualistic as the women that live with them. Handbag fanatics are possessed by the desire to collect from the most admired fashion houses -- now lucque must be added to the mix!

lucque is art that moves with you.


Selling Fine Art in Silicon Valley


My sister and I were walking her dog by the COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg’s house the other day - they happen to be neighbors - and I said looking up at the 2nd floor hey she has a Jasper Johns target painting poster and then did a double take and said that's not a poster! Needless to say the second story balcony fence was twice as high and blocked the view the next time we walked by, the conversation likely having been recorded, but that’s beside the point. Christie’s sold one of Jasper Johns’ flag paintings in 2010 for 28.6 million, so imagine the value of a museum caliber trophy of this nature?

This is Atherton California, one of the beating hearts of Silicon Valley, and this blog addresses the art world's novel compulsion to follow the digital money. 

Having grown up in San Mateo -  another beating valley heart - I can tell you that between Santa Clara and Brisbane there is not a single proper contemporary art gallery or venue save for the rare spaces at institutions like Stanford or junior colleges. 

However, times are ever changing and the art world has deemed it no longer crass but worthy to follow the money. The art world’s smart enough to see that even in this sputtering economy that tech is a bright light. And so, to take this to a more prosaic level, how does the art world capitalize on this new found educated wealth when most venues of distribution are in San Francisco? I'd put money down that most techies employed in Cupertino - if they're not doing the SF commute - are hanging out and spending locally. As always, however, most serious art needs to be seen before purchased. So what are the options in a so called valley the size of Rhode Island? When i was growing up in the ‘70s my grandfather the artist MATU exhibited in Crocker bank lobbies for Chrissake. On the other hand, he did make all of his irony-free paintings from AAA catalog brochures, but that's another post….

I have learned that the king of all art dealers Larry Gagosian has an outpost in the valley exhibiting one artist over a long duration (months). (link) I’ve seen another post of a serious artist exhibiting in a coffee shop (example). Which leaves ample room for restaurant exhibits and pop-ups of all stripes. Perhaps with the power of the internet these remote outposts can get some attendance at openings and events.  But most art centers are defined by clusters of art galleries and artists like Chelsea in NY or Culver City in L.A. I’m not sure of the # of serious artists practicing in the bay area’s peninsula but my guess is that they’d be isolated individuals carrying the torch. Bear in mind we’re not discussing SF, Oakland, Santa Cruz, etc., we’re talking archetypical suburbs filled with brand name boutiques, places like Redwood City, Palo Alto, Millbrae, etc.

Analog art marketed to tech geeks roaming a digital universe reluctantly living in the actual world.  I guess some could purchase on Amazon, (link) but that’s clearly not the real deal.  The art world seems to have aspirations to pursue a commerce rather than cultural mecca. (But on the outside maybe a lot of culture’s hidden now.) The art world’s saying go to the money as opposed to traditionally letting the money come to it. Is this convenience for the neo dot comers that are supposed to be so savvy they’re not hindered by the pettiness of geography? Obviously these well-off people can travel to the art centers. But there’s nothing like purchasing a Damian Hirst over a machiatto at your local coffee shop. Your IQ goes up whenever you enter a Starbucks on the Peninsula there’s so many people pow-wowing over laptops - so how ‘bout a Bansky with that croissant?

Steve Sas Schwartz
Los Angeles, California